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ADP Payroll Portal Employee Login

This is how you would reset your password, how you can you get your account set up, you go back to user login, you put your user name in your password, and click login and that's how you log in to ADP payroll portal employee area.

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How to Access your ADP Portal and Reset ADP Password

This is about how to access your open enrollment enrollments via our ADP portal, firstly need to sign in with username and password, if you cannot remember your username or your password, you can also get your username and reset your password, this will require answer security question and get the activation code to reset.

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Editing Your ADP Timesheet

It is showing how to enter in time onto the new online ADP timesheets, first make sure setup ADP account and already have an ADP bookmark, after login, open timecard, and input job number and hours and save, one day can have multiple entries, and also can delete anyone.

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